Tanks VR devlog #11 - updates, maintenance & moderation

As some of you have noticed, there haven't been any updates or news related to Tanks VR for a while. A lot has changed during the past year. The team has shrunk from two members to a single member (Stormy), I moved into a new place, became a full-time student in a Computer Science Master track and got a job out of necessity. This all leaves little time for the development of Tanks VR, so this devlog will focus on the future of the game and what that will look like.


For the foreseeable future, there won't be any major updates. Tanks VR has been a passion project and development was done in my free time. As of now, next to my responsibilities, there simply isn't enough time (and money) to keep developing Tanks VR. Therefore, I will begin transitioning Tanks VR out of Early Access, as to not mislead any new players buying the game. The roadmap will be modified to only contain several updates that will be necessary for the remainder of Tanks VR's lifetime.

Transitioning from server-hosting to player-hosting

The most important update will be transitioning from server-hosted sessions to player-hosted sessions. Server hosting is expensive and is currently being paid out-of-pocket by me. In order to bring down the costs of keeping Tanks VR servers up, it will require a large under-the-hood overhaul of the networking code which will allow players to host their own lobbies and games. The coming time, I will be busy preparing such a release.

Maintenance & moderation
Until the player-hosted update releases, I will make sure that the Tanks VR servers are up-and-running and well maintained. Aside from regular maintenance, Tanks VR currently has multiple platforms on which players can meet: the Steam community, Discord and Reddit. In order to simplify the process of moderation, I will be closing down the Discord and Reddit communities in an effort to centralize all player activity to Steam. Moreover, since the game will be leaving Early Access, the Trello suggestion board will be closed. Players are welcome to discuss anything game related in the Steam community and are of course able to create their own fan-moderated forums. I will regularly check the discussion board to assist with any game-related inquiries.

Keep on playing!

Lastly, I want to thank everybody who bought the game and gave valueable feedback and support during development. Tanks VR is a passion project and the little amount of revenue it generates is and will only be used for Tanks VR development and maintenance. It means a lot to me to see a lot of you enjoy and have enjoyed playing it.


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