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Tanks VR devlog #7 - rewrite, maps, lobby VOIP & more

The past month has been very work-intensive for us, which is why we haven't had the time to write a devlog until now. We got delayed by a rewrite of the backend of the game, which now makes it possible to have multiple maps, VOIP in the lobby and to add bots in the future. These changes have also made it easier for us to add new features as well as fix bugs. In this devlog, we're going to discuss the backend rewrite, show the new maps, the little office we setup recently and the WMR dev kit we got. Rewrite Tanks VR uses the Steamworks SDK, which allows developers to integrate their game with Steam. However, this SDK is written in another programming language (C++) than we are using for Tanks VR (C#). This is not a problem as there are wrappers available that allow developers to use the SDK while programming in C#. When we started, we had to choose between two wrappers, Steamworks.NET and Facepunch.Steamworks. The Steamworks.NET wrapper is the most complete, but Facepu