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Tanks VR devlog #9 - bots progress & better (tracks) physics

In a previous devlog, we discussed the decision making system of the bots. In this devlog, we'll talk about the navigation system, which resulted in a new improved physics system with realistic tracks. Tanks will be able to move over rough terrain and obstacles, which is a massive improvement over the current system. Bots will also avoid hitting eachother, using an avoidance system.
Track physics
While creating the navigation system, we noticed that the current physics system would not suffice for future maps and the bots. The tracks were static and not controlled by physics, this resulted in the tank not being able to navigate on slopes and drive over obstacles. Visually, the current system is not pleasing, tracks are clipping through sidewalks and appear rigid. So we started looking into using track physics. We did a lot of research on track physics, as it can be very performance demanding. There are paid assets available, however these did not fit our requirements. Thus, we sta…