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Tanks VR devlog #1 - improvements, new features & release date

Welcome to the first devlog of the Tanks VR. We felt like we needed a central place to post regular updates about the development of the game, instead of just posting pictures in the Discord group. Since the testing week, a lot of things have been improved and added. Improved character tracking Previously the characters of players in other tanks would sit up straight and only their arms and heads would be able to move. Now the spine is able to move, giving a much more realistic representation of the movement of players in other tanks. Below are gifs of the character tracking before and after the improvement. Aside from character tracking looking a lot better now, we think this improved character tracking will also improve gameplay. You can now more clearly see what an enemy player is doing in his tank. For example, if he is bent forward looking through his scope (the scope will be discussed later in this devlog) with his barrel pointed towards you, you'll be certain that