Tanks VR devlog #6 - bots progress

A problem many VR multiplayer games experience is a lack of active playerbase. Many players have commented on the lack of active players in Tanks VR. In order to get more concurrent players, we want to introduce bots to the game. This allows players to play singleplayer, co-op or multiplayer with bots. In turn we hope that this will cause players to have longer play sessions, increasing the chances of encountering other players. While adding bots can grow the active playerbase, it will also make the matches more interesting. Currently we have mostly seen small 1v1, 2v2 matches. With bots, every match can become a 5v5 match, despite the amount of players in the match. In this devlog, we will show the AI system we've been working on the past weeks as well as what we still want to achieve in the coming weeks.
Utility based AI
Most AI systems are simple state machines. This means that these bots make decisions based on "if .. then". For example, if an enemy is close to the b…

Tanks VR devlog #5 - new map progress, old map rework, desert map & Windows Mixed Reality

Tanks VR currently offers only a relatively simple city map. Most players will rush to the middle of the map and trade shots with the enemies. Or take the long route, just to discover that their friends who have rushed to the middle have already died in combat. It is clear that the current map does not offer the diverse strategies that are possible. Therefore, Tanks VR needs more and better maps. We are currently working on three maps. A new city map and an improved version of the current city map should arrive within a week, while a desert map is planned for a release in the weeks that follow.
New city map
The new city map is centered around a church where the cap-circle is located. Fierce battles are expected here. The map will offer four main paths to take towards the church, each with their own vulnerabilities and advantages. It is built in such a way that teamplay is encouraged. Certain areas of the map should be held by teammates, in order not to be flanked. For example: if o…

Tanks VR devlog #4 - practice mode, 3D in-game voice chat, HMD support & more

In the previous devlog we talked about implementing 3D in-game voice chat in a large content update. Due to various requests to implement it sooner, we decided to do just that. We also felt that we needed some kind of singleplayer feature in the game, in order to provide new players and reviewers a way to try out the game, even if there is no one online. We'll also discuss Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) support. So let's get to it!
Practice mode So singleplayer practice mode places you in the "city" map, where you're surrounded by a lot of explosive barrels. Shooting the barrels will make them blow up. We think it's a good way for new players to get a hang of the in-game controls. It's also a way for more experienced players to kill some time when waiting for other players to come online!

We would like to give practice mode a bit more depth in the future, by possibly introducing a timer. Practice mode would turn it into a mini-game where you have to destroy …

Tanks VR devlog #3 - HMD support, lobbies, press inquiries & more

We're happy to say that Tanks VR is still growing and that many players have given Tanks VR a review on Steam, all of which were positive! We expect that this will give people that are interested in the game more confidence that Tanks VR will take off!
HMD support
Many people have requested Oculus support. We are happy to say the we have now been accepted to the Oculus Start developer program! This will provide us with an Oculus somewhere in the beginning of May. We can then add official Oculus support, which would not take long. Some players have already tried the game with the Oculus and have reported that it works fine. However, we do not recommend you do this as we can't help you if you experience any Oculus specific problem.
Several people have requested Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) support. We are currently looking into acquiring a WMR HMD. Keep an eye out for announcements about this. Just like with the Oculus, some people with a WMR HMD have tried the game and for some …

Tanks VR devlog #2 - release, small additions, bugfixes & community

Early Access Release
Tanks VR has been released last friday and it went great! We are happy to see that people are enjoying the game. We have had a blast playing many battles over the last days. It was fun helping new players figure out the controls of the tank and the mechanics of the game. Several players have definitely surpassed the devs in their tanking skills.

Until now, most battles have been small or medium sized. But each night we have been able to have several large battles, which were awesome. Check out the screenshot below.

Small additions
Apart from playing the game, players have given a lot of good suggestions on features, improvements and much more. Some of these suggestions have already been implemented and we will discuss them below. Recenter view button - while developing, we didn't keep in mind that players might not sit exactly in the center of their play space. This forced them to sit in uncomfortable positions. After several players encountered this problem, …

Tanks VR devlog #1 - improvements, new features & release date

Welcome to the first devlog of the Tanks VR. We felt like we needed a central place to post regular updates about the development of the game, instead of just posting pictures in the Discord group. Since the testing week, a lot of things have been improved and added.
Improved character tracking Previously the characters of players in other tanks would sit up straight and only their arms and heads would be able to move. Now the spine is able to move, giving a much more realistic representation of the movement of players in other tanks. Below are gifs of the character tracking before and after the improvement. Aside from character tracking looking a lot better now, we think this improved character tracking will also improve gameplay. You can now more clearly see what an enemy player is doing in his tank. For example, if he is bent forward looking through his scope (the scope will be discussed later in this devlog) with his barrel pointed towards you, you'll be certain that he's …