Tanks VR devlog #2 - release, small additions, bugfixes & community

Early Access Release
Tanks VR has been released last friday and it went great! We are happy to see that people are enjoying the game. We have had a blast playing many battles over the last days. It was fun helping new players figure out the controls of the tank and the mechanics of the game. Several players have definitely surpassed the devs in their tanking skills.

A full lobby, preparing for a 5v5 battle

Until now, most battles have been small or medium sized. But each night we have been able to have several large battles, which were awesome. Check out the screenshot below.

Watching a stand-off in a burned out tank

Small additions
Apart from playing the game, players have given a lot of good suggestions on features, improvements and much more. Some of these suggestions have already been implemented and we will discuss them below.
  • Recenter view button - while developing, we didn't keep in mind that players might not sit exactly in the center of their play space. This forced them to sit in uncomfortable positions. After several players encountered this problem, one of them suggested a reset button to recenter their view within the tank. We have now added this to be the menu button, which is the button above the touchpad on the Vive controller.
  • Control hover feedback - during the heat of battle it can be difficult to find certain levers when you're not looking at them. So another suggestion was some kind of feedback when your hand hovers over a control. We chose to have the controller give a quick strong vibration when hovering over a control.
Several players suggested we should implement Oculus support, so we have now applied for the Oculus Start developer program. This should provide us with an Oculus Development Kit to allow us to add official Oculus support. We expect that adding Oculus support to the game will increase the player base as well. 

If you played Tanks VR, you have probably encountered the following bugs.
  • Punishment corner - you're in a lobby and the game starts, when the level has loaded you are spawned in a corner and you can't see anyone else. It has become known as the "punishment corner". It required a restart of the game to fix. We were now able to reproduce the bug and believe it is now fixed in the update. However, if you do encounter this bug again, please make a bug-report on Steam or in the Tanks VR Discord group: https://discord.gg/jxGSt3U  
The infamous "punishment corner"

  • Overflowing of teams within lobbies - when 6 players would join a lobby without switching teams, the "allies" team would overflow. This caused players in the lobby to be displayed outside of the screen. We have now made it such that players automatically join the team with the least amount of players.
We are aware of the current issues with "ghost lobbies" and are doing our best to find the root of this bug.

We are happy to say that almost 100 people have gotten a copy of the game, so the community is growing steadily. We will be doing our best to increase this number, such that there will always be someone to play with. If you want to help grow the Tanks VR community, please write a review on the Steam store page or share Tanks VR with your friends!

If you just bought the game and have trouble finding other people to play with, join the Tanks VR Discord group: https://discord.gg/jxGSt3U You will find many other Tanks VR players as well as us, the devs, who would love to play some battles with you.


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